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Stripes: Brush Holder

posted Oct 17, 2012, 8:23 PM by Jen Brass Jenkins

I have somehow managed to fit in small creative projects in the coupla' weeks. Two Sundays ago I made a brush holder for my water color brushes. I started this water color class on a whim with a friend and am hoping to continue taking it next semester (the intermediate section). This is the first-ever formal watercolor training I have had, and I am loving it. So, though it is half-way through this semester's classes, I did finally get my brush holder made (an item which was recommended by our teacher). I built it as a pillow cover (which structure @legally_aud so cleverly noted). The process looked something like the following (although I forgot to take the pic of how I sewed the sides and then flipped it right side out):


It's working quite well to date. I just need a few more watercolor brushes!