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Pink Is the New June

posted Jun 27, 2012, 6:41 PM by Jen Brass Jenkins   [ updated Jun 27, 2012, 6:55 PM ]

Pink Lace on Pink Cotton
Or at least pink is my June. I would say that I have made record-breaking purchases in the pink color array recently, but really I have only ventured into a certain shade. (I have always been strongly attracted to Schiaparelli's pink: shocking pink (known to the lay-person as fuchsia), since I worked for a designer at the Utah Shakespeare Festival who designed fabulous things in Le Shocking Pink). But I digress. Of late all of my sewing projects have been pink (if you hadn't noticed in Kimono-Sleeved Shirt), so it feels as though June really has been paletted in pink. (But don't worry if they offend your eyes, there are many other new and beguiling projects in the works.) So, here are the last two I completed recently.  

Of Ruffling Ratios

Pink Ruffled Skirt
 Remember my lovely pink lace on pink cotton fabric? I did make it into this ruffled skirt, and I think it turned out quite fetchingly. I tried to proportion the fabric so that the ruffles at the top were about 1.5 lengths to the length of the top yoke, so 1.5:1, and at the bottom the ruffle/skirt ratio is about 2:1. I am finally starting to maybe master those proportional concepts. I also love the double elastic waistband, so I make an effort to use that style on my skirts and pants. I find it distributes the gathering more evenly (this is also why one of the gathering techniques that you may learn is to sew two very long threads along the top of a ruffle or skirt to gather it. It tends to even it out.) The one thing I would change about this project if I did it again is that I would have made the lace ruffle just a little more full.  

Of Circular Ruffles

I also finished a project I started circa March or February. It is a dress for my mom, also in the color
Mom Modeling Her Pink Dress
pink. I have a pattern that I have made for her based on a favorite (and very basic) nightgown off of which I pattern variations of every estimable kind. Around Christmas time I made up about three nightgowns off of it and more recently I have been working on dress variations. For this particular piece I suggested a ruffle detail on the front similar to one of my sister's shirts involving ruffles of the circular kind. This took me rather awhile to pattern, as I had to recut some ruffles to get the right fullness. I also sewed one on in the wrong place too. (Whoops. That's why it seemed too short.) But I got it all figured out and together the night before I started my new job. Nothing like getting a project out of the way.

It even turned out so well that my mom exclaimed she would have to wear it to a wedding reception or some fancy occasion. I love to see her do that little "I love it, and I am so pretty!" dance. Totally. Worth. The. Time.

Pink by Aerosmith

And last, but certainly not least, I will also confide to you that when I first heard this song, I was obsessed. It may have driven my new appreciation of Le Shocking as well.

Next Up: Work clothes! I don't own enough! And I can never find anything that I want to wear per se. Although I did come across some one-piece jumpers (THEY'RE BACK) in the Kardashian Sears collection the other night when I was frenetically seeking out some new ensemble to wear...

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah 
Pink, it's not even a question 
Pink, on the lips of your lover 
'Cause pink is the love you discover 
Pink, as the bing on your cherry 
Pink, 'cause you are so very 
Pink, it's the color of passion 

Moi in Pink