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Kimono-Sleeved Shirt for Graduation

posted Jun 6, 2012, 2:55 PM by Jen Brass Jenkins   [ updated Jun 27, 2012, 7:05 PM ]
Pink Textured Knit

I really want to make something...

This last weekend I had the most fabu experience of graduating with my Master's Degree in Communications. While I originally intended to make a dress for this occasion, as usual, the dress I was thinking of fell out of favor for a quicker solution. Somehow I found this fabric (actually it was in my stash) for maybe $3 if (I remember right) at JoAnne's, and for some reason I thought it could work into something. You know those fabrics that are bordering on tacky but could be cool if you use them
Blue Shirt
the right way?
Also, I thought it could present an interesting sort of print for this season of mixed prints. (I don't know if the whole mixed prints thing is becoming big because it has been so popular on Project Runway, or if it started before then, but I'm on the bandwagon.) I also had a skirt my sis had given me, oh, maybe four years ago or so, that I have never worn 'cause I needed something to wear with it.

So I lifted a pattern

I lifted a pattern off of a shirt that fits well with a kimono sleeve (please forgive very bad picture; it's actually a navy blue shirt with sliver stripes) and then added a cowl neckline to it. Alas, I had only a yard and a half of fabric and a cowl neckline must be cut on the bias. So here is
Creative Cutting
me doing some creative cutting—as in I totally pieced the back. I used to pride myself on piecing. Yah, whatever. It's way too much work!

Seaming the Shoulders I even made sure to put twill tape along the shoulder seams. The twill tape keeps the seams from stretching out too far. Usually I'm too lazy to do that, but this fabric had enough stretch that it was w
orthwhile. And, wah, lah: (notice the diagonal stripe on the shirt, which indicates it's on the bias. Also the shirt tapers at the bottom to fit not too snug, but nicely around the hips.) Of course, it looks much, much better with the ensemble as a whole. And that was my fabu look for graduation.
                                Finished Shirt                              
Final Effect