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Elixir of Love Skirt

posted Apr 12, 2012, 6:32 PM by Jen Brass Jenkins

The evening of March 10 was an excellent outing. Though I have sewn since I was 12 and made things for many, many people, I have rarely sewed for myself. Thus, though it was odd, I decided I finally needed some fancy things here and there to call my own. I determined to create a skirt out of some copper-colored fabric I had in my collection to wear to Utah Opera's spring production, Elixir of Love, and actually got it done in time. Shocking!

Copper-Colored Fabric
I could pretty well picture what I wanted the skirt to look like from the beginning—the fabric spoke to me as it were (it is a copper-colored weave, probably polyester). I tend to like at least partial elastic waistbands, and an a-line shape seems to look best on my figure, so I dreamed up a skirt with an asymmetrical hemline and ruffles, oh so many ruffles. (I'm not quite sure what it is about ruffles, but I have something bordering on an obsession with them. The blouse I wore with the skirt has ruffles as well...)
Ruffles, Oh So Many

I didn't use a pattern at all for this, just drew one up according to my hip measurements. Now that I have that basic pattern (called a sloper), I will use it to draft other skirts from. I did have to do some finegaling (technical term) to get the darts right (the back of the skirt has elastic in it and the front is flat with darts; also there is a side zip). Fitting things on yourself is not the best method. But, I ended up with something I was reasonably pleased with and, more importantly, that would not fall apart if I wore it. All in all, the evening was a great time.

Finished Skirt
On the Red Carpet at the Elixir of Love